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The City of Summerside

Summerside is a small city with a large town feel.


It owes its unplanned existence to the shipbuilding industry of the mid-to-late 1800s that utilized the shoreline of the natural harbour in the building of some of the best wooden ships to sail the world. That same harbour would later be a gateway to exporting the food products harvested from the bounty of the sea, and the fertility of the red Island soil.


With time Summerside became the primary service centre of Prince County. It is ever embracing the new way of doing things, while celebrating the old and established. For example, Summerside is a leader in green technology with its windmill and solar farms.  


The cultural heritage of the people of Summerside is primarily drawn from Acadian, Scottish, Irish, English, and Loyalist stock. In the 21st century the city is becoming more diverse with newcomers from around the world.  


Summerside is a welcoming place. People will stop on the street to answer questions and give directions. The 7 km boardwalk along the harbour is a perfect place to enjoy the beauty of the sunrise and sunset. The Confederation Trail passes right through the city and is great for walking and biking. There is plenty of outdoor space in the many parks, and the recreational facilities are second-to-none for Summerside is a sports loving community.


Summerside celebrates its culture. It is home to the College of Piping, the Harbourfront Theatre, Eptek Arts and Culture Centre, and municipal museums which include, The International Fox Museum, Bishop Machine Shop, and the Wyatt Historic House Museum. The PEI Sports Hall of Fame is housed in the recreational complex of Credit Union Place. There are a variety of concerts and festivals to be enjoyed.


Summerside is central to many other Island destinations including Cavendish on the north shore, and the beaches and villages of the south shore.  It is the gateway to the North Cape Coastal Drive, and is a mere forty minutes from the capital of Charlottetown. It is the perfect place to stay when visiting the Island.


Yes, you are coming for Lobster Carnival but, you will want to stay longer in Summerside, PEI.

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