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Photo Credit: Leigh Elliot

Meet Event Chef Robert Pendergast

Demonstrating daily in the Lobster Demonstration and Food Tent on the Carnival Grounds


Chef Robert Pendergast is a champion and lover of Island food harvested from land and sea. As the Lobster Carnival event Chef, he demonstrates pairing lobster and other Island foods to create mouthwatering culinary lobster dishes. His recipes are easy and affordable to make at home. Chef Pendergast demonstrates with ease and may just throw in a sea shanty song or two.


Pendergast was born and raised in the small rural villages of Prince Edward Island. Fully bilingual, he learned both French and English in his youth, which has served him well throughout his life. Chef Pendergast began his profession in 1990, spending the first five years of his career in Montreal. There he was exposed to great cuisine, rapidly changing media, multimedia art, design, and the world of commercial photography. After spending several years working in Western Europe and across Canada, Chef Pendergast decided it was time to return home to PEI.


Throughout his career, Chef Pendergast has catered events of every kind, shucked oysters all over, and has collaborated with community groups to create itineraries for visiting media teams, as well as locating interesting experiences for tourism, travel, food, and fashion shoots. Chef Pendergast has worked hard to connect other chefs, cooks, artists, and musicians with local suppliers. He has facilitated food activities for Islanders and visitors of all ages.


Chef Pendergast is happily married to fellow Islander, Ellen Mullally, and together they have a smart and wily young daughter, Beatrice.


Photo Credits: Chef Pendergast

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