Signature Events

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July 10th and 11th, 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Lobster Demonstration and Food Tent, Lobster Carnival grounds, Credit Union Place

The supper is a steal-of-a-deal at $28.00 - taxes included. 
For those who don’t eat lobster, a cold cut plate is offered at $20.00 -taxes included. Island craft beer offered at an additional cost.

Find out for yourself why PEI lays claim to the best tasting lobster in the world. Plan to attend one or both of the lobster suppers that feature Island lobster harvested through a wild substantial industry.


The suppers have the atmosphere of an Island family party with all the fixings. Volunteers will serve up a plate filled with potato salad, coleslaw, tomato, cucumber, a fresh roll and melted butter made by the Island Dairy ADL.  Then an Island fisher will crack open a cooked-to-perfection one pound PEI lobster and place it on your plate, while answering any questions you have about the industry. Round out the traditional island meal with a large, scrumptious Water Street Bakery cookie and a strong cup of tea. Acadian music will be played throughout by Louise and Helene.  


Lobster and lobster chowder will be available in the tent up until the time of the lobster suppers.

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Thursday, July 9th at 6:30 pm

Courtyard of Entertainment Tent, Lobster Carnival grounds, Credit Union Place

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PEI Lobster Fishers or crew members individually compete in this marathon sport for fastest time moving a stack of ten (10) working lobster traps (averaging one hundred (100) pounds, cement in) a distance of thirty feet and restacking the pile.

Participants are judged on time and the neatness of the stacked pile. First place winner takes home $1000.00, second place, $300.00, third place, $200.00. Bleacher seating.


The bigger the crowd, the higher the energy, the faster the time!


Lobster Traps supplied by Lobster Fisher Ronnie Bigelow.

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Thursday, July 9th at 1 pm

Lobster Demonstration and Food Tent, Lobster Carnival grounds, Credit Union Place

Islanders love their biscuits and rolls, especially hot out of the oven paired with lobster. Island bakers are also serious about their biscuit/roll making skills. The Summerside Lobster Carnival Biscuit Competition is serious business.
Non-professional bakers vie for the bragging rights and prizes that come with being a selected winner.  Rolls, tea biscuit, French biscuit, and sweet biscuit are the four judging categories. Entertainment throughout the competition and maybe a tasty treat.

Lobster Eating Competition

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Thursday, July 9th at 5:30 pm

During Community Barbecue on Lobster Carnival grounds, Credit Union Place

While the Lobster Eating Competition gives no time to linger and savour the PEI lobster being devoured, the taste still comes through. The competition is a satisfying experience of challenging oneself to be the fastest in opening and eating a one pound lobster. But, the winner is not selected solely on speed. Judges will determine if the lobster shell is sufficiently emptied of meat.


So put table manners aside for a few minutes and take that lobster on!


The sign up to be one of the lucky participants happens during the community barbeque on Thursday, July 9. Participants will be selected in a draw.


Saturday, July 11th at 4:00 pm

 Spinnakers’ Landing, 150 Heather Moyse Drive, Summerside Waterfront

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With the arrival of high tide in the Spinnakers’ Landing waterway, the Master Packaging Inc. Summerside Lobster Carnival Cardboard Boat Races are launched. The boats, representing businesses, organizations, and individuals, compete in a series of elimination heats until the winner is declared.


First place may go to the fastest time or to the only boat still floating. It is suspense at its best until the last minute of the races. Spectators line the banks of the waterway to cheer on their favorite entry and watch the floundering as a boat goes down.   

Races coordinated by our partner:
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Saturday, July 11th at 12 noon

Downtown Summerside

The Callbecks Home Hardware Summerside Lobster Carnival Parade is a celebration of community spirit! With anticipation, people line the parade route to see the creativity and uniqueness of the entries. Businesses, organizations, and individuals put their best foot forward to capture the audience’s attention, as they celebrate being part of community.


Carnival organizers give a very special thanks to Callbecks Home Hardware for owning the parade and sponsoring some great prizes. Even though they can’t claim the prize, the Callbecks staff work together as a proud team to present a great float.

Now that is community spirit!

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Callbecks Home Hardware Summerside


Friday, July 10th at 8:00 pm

Entertainment Tent, Lobster Carnival grounds, Credit Union Place

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Lobster is not the only thing in which PEI takes pride. Islanders love to celebrate the abundance of music and dance talent found in their midst. The PEI Youth Talent Competition, sponsored by PEI Mutual Insurance Company, is an opportunity for young Islanders, between the ages of thirteen and twenty-one, to showcase their budding artistic careers.


Throughout the summer, the PEI Association of Exhibitions schedule ten youth talent competitions to select the contenders for the provincial finals.  


The Lobster Carnival thanks the PEI Youth Talent Search Competition organizers, the PEI Association of Exhibitions, for making us one of the host events. The Lobster Carnival especially thanks PEI Mutual Life Insurance for its belief in and support of young artistic Islanders. Many of the past winners have gone on to launch successful music and dance careers. 

Summerside Lobster Carnival 
Trivia Championship
Saturday, July 11th at 1:30 pm
Lobster Carnival grounds, Credit Union Place
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Strength competitions have been happening for as long as humans have roamed the earth. To determine the strongest woman on Prince Edward Island the PEI Strong Woman Competition will be featured at the Summerside Lobster Carnival. 


Competitors are in a race against one another to determine who has the greatest mix of overall strength and athleticism. They must lift, carry, push, and pull various oddly shaped, large, heavy items during the competition. This includes a 300 lbs tire flip, farmer's walk, and an overhead medley press. 

PEI Strong Woman Competition is proudly sponsored by Lion's Den, Tradewinds Eco-Energy Solutions and Tri-Tech Services.

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