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Lobster Trap Stacking Competition


Win $1000 in Mere Minutes!
1st - $1000  2nd - $300  3rd - $200

The Event Challenge

 PEI Lobster Fishers or crew members individually compete in this marathon sport

for fastest time moving a stack of ten (10) working lobster traps

(averaging one hundred [100] pounds, cement in) a distance of thirty feet and re-stacking the pile. 

Participants will be judged on time and neatness of the stacked pile.

Prizes: First place: $1000.00, Second Place: $300.00, Third Place: $200.00.  



**Open to Prince Edward Island lobster fishers and lobster boat crew members**

Presented by Summerside's newspaper, The Journal Pioneer

Lobster Traps supplied by lobster fisher Ronnie Bigelow

Thursday, July 11, 6:30 pm  

Courtyard of Entertainment Tent

Lobster Carnival Grounds, Credit Union Place, 511 Notre Dame Street

6:20 pm Sign in for Pre-registered Competitors

Participants check in at registration table to draw order of participation number and sign waiver.

Event Rules

1. Must be a PEI Fisher or Lobster boat crew member.

2. Footwear and dress should be safety conscious while remembering the need for speed.

3. Participants may be contacted for lead-up story.

Fill out the form below to register for this exciting and competitive signature event!

Rules are subject to change.

Journal Pioneer Lobster Trap Stacking

Competitor Form

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