Summerside Lobster Carnival

Biscuit and Roll Competition 

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Event Challenge

Islanders love their biscuits and rolls, especially hot out of the oven paired with lobster. Island bakers are also serious about their biscuit/roll making skills. The Summerside Lobster Carnival Biscuit Competition is serious business. Non-professional bakers vie for the bragging rights and prizes that come with being a selected winner.  A sweet biscuit category has been added to the other three categories for the 2019 competition. 


Contest Day: Thursday, July 11th


Check-in at the registration table between 1 - 1:15 pm in the Lobster Demonstration & Food Tent, Lobster Carnival grounds, Credit Union Place. Judging starts at 1:15 pm. 

Musical entertainment throughout.


Yeast Roll (small bread leavened with yeast)

Tea Biscuit (small bread leavened with baking powder or soda, browned crust and soft centre)

French Biscuit (Acadian creation that is a combination of a roll and biscuit)

Sweet Biscuit (sweetened, containing fruit)



Rolling Pin

Prizes Awarded

1st - $100 gift certificate to grocery store  2nd - $50 gift certificate to grocery store  3rd - $25 gift certificate to grocery store 


1. Contestants cannot be professional chefs or bakers

2. Contestants may submit only one entry per category – 1 entry equals six rolls or biscuits

3. Biscuits/rolls judged on taste and appearance

4. Entries must be individual – no team entries

5. Judging will be done by three judges


Rules subject to change



1st Prize (each category) - $100.00 grocery gift card

2nd Prize (each category) - $50.00 grocery gift card

3rd Prize (each category) - $25.00 grocery gift card

Biscuit and Roll Competition Registration Form

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2018 Biscuit and Roll Competitors and Judges