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“Callbecks Home Hardware & Leon's Summerside”
Summerside Lobster Carnival Parade

Parade Float.jpg

2018 float for the parade

Saturday, July 13, 2024 at 12 noon

“Callbecks Home Hardware & Leon's Summerside” Lobster Carnival Parade is a celebration of community spirit! 
With anticipation, people line the parade route to see the creativity and uniqueness of the entries. Businesses, organizations, and individuals put their best foot forward to capture the audience’s attention, as they celebrate being part of community.
Carnival organizers give a very special thanks to Callbecks Home Hardware and Leon's Summerside for owning the parade and sponsoring some great prizes. Even though they can’t claim the prize, the staff work together as a proud team to present a great float.
Now that is community spirit!

Parade 101 Information

If this is your first Callbecks Home Hardware and Leon's Summerside Lobster Carnival Parade, here are a few things you might like to know.


  • The parade was part of the very first carnival in 1956!

  • Streets will close at 11:40 am and open ten minutes after the parade has passed through.

  • There will be no parking allowed on the parade route after 10 am.

  • Parking in Summerside is free. However, do not park along the parade route. Some parking suggestions are: Spinnakers’ Landing, parking lot behind Holman’s Building off of Heather Moyse Drive, Carnival grounds at Credit Union Place, and side streets off of the parade route.

  • It is recommended to leave pets at home, otherwise have them on a leash.

  • One hour is the estimated time it takes the parade to cover the route.  


Parade Route

The parade will begin at 12 noon on Saturday, July 13, 2024 from the parking lot of Holland College Waterfront Campus. It will travel along Water Street and turn north on to Central Street, then west unto Notre Dame Street and will make its way to the Carnival grounds at Credit Union Place. The parade will turn north on to Greenwood Drive where floats will disperse.


Best Overall Float: Leon's gift card value $500.00

Most Creative Entry: Yeti Tundra 35 Cooler valued at $375.00

Best Lobster Themed Entry: Huntington Propane BBQ valued at $349.99

Official Lobster Carnival Parade Rules

The parade is a time for fun. However there is a serious side to the event. Safety of parade participants and spectators is a top priority to ensure nothing detracts from its celebratory nature and only good memories are made.

  1. There is no entry fee for the Summerside Lobster Carnival Parade. The entry form also serves as the waiver of liability.

  2. The parade is themed lobster, but all other creativity is invited as long as participants are sensitive to it being a family friendly event.

  3. No alcohol, drugs, smoking or offensive language is permitted by parade participants.

  4. Due to the safety issues surrounding children, parade participants are asked not to throw treats of any sort from floats or cars. Entrants may have adult walkers on the side of the parade route handing out candy, coupons, or flyers.

  5. All vehicles in the parade must meet safety standards of functional brakes, brake lights, turn signals. Trailers need to be safely and securely attached to the vehicle hauling them. 

  6. It is recommended that all open wheels be covered, and portable generators be mounted securely with adequate clearance from combustible decorating materials. If a generator is being used it is recommended to have a fire extinguisher onboard.

  7. No flammable gas, flammable liquids or open flame can be present on a float.

  8.  If children are on a float the child to adult ratio is recommended at 6 to 1. A float must have adequate space to safely accommodate its number of participants. Care must be taken to have adequate restraining measures on the float so no one can fall from it. Participants cannot be dangling from the sides of the float. Once the parade is in progress people cannot get on or off a float.

  9. All props on floats should be secured to ensure they stay in place.

  10. Sitting on a tailgate, side of a truck box, vehicle roof or roof racks is not permitted.

  11. Drivers of all motorized vehicles must have a valid driver’s license and insurance. Insurance and liability is the sole responsibility of participants. Youth on or in any wheeled vehicle must be under adult supervision.

  12. Parade entrants are to be respectful of livestock entries and do nothing to create a fright hazard.

  13. It is recommended that all participants handling livestock entries wear protective helmets.

  14. It is asked that all equipment related to livestock be in sound working condition for safety.

  15. On the day of the parade entries are asked to check in with parade volunteers and be directed to where to line-up.

  16. Parade organizers reserves the right to remove any parade entry that does not meet the parade requirements of safety and suitability. 

Please note: 

Staging ground for parade is Holland College Waterfront Campus parking lot.

It will be open starting at 9 am. All entries are asked to be in place no later than 11:30 am, for a 12 noon start time. 

“Callbecks Home Hardware & Leon's Summerside” Summerside Lobster Carnival Parade

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