Summerside Lobster Carnival
Amateur Country Music Singing Competition

Tuesday, July 5, and Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Event Description

The Summerside Lobster Carnival is excited to bring back to the 2022 lineup of events, the Amateur Country Music Singing Competition. It is an opportunity for Island amateur country singers to showcase their talent to an appreciative audience of country music lovers.  The competition will take place over two evenings at the Veteran’s Convention Centre, Credit Union Place.  It is being enthusiastically sponsored by Warren Ellis from Summerside Chrysler Dodge, Kool Breeze Farms, and Anderson's Automotive in Summerside.



  • Contestants must be fulltime Island resident.

  • No age limit. No entry fee to compete.

  • Contestants cannot be professional singers. Artists who have professionally recorded and released their music are not considered amateur.

  • No team entries.

  • Interested participants must submit the below entry form by June 1st.

The application process includes uploading two individual videos (MP4 – maximum file size 100MB per file). One of the videos must be of the contestant performing a ballad, and the second video must be of the contestant performing an upbeat country song. Each song must be four minutes or less.

Those entering are also required to upload the song lyrics and the key in which the song is performed. This is for the backup band. Contestants cannot change a song after being selected to compete.


The Process

From the submissions, twenty contestants will be chosen to compete on stage at the Veteran’s Convention Centre, Credit Union Place.  The successful twenty contestants will be notified by Wednesday, June 8th. Those 20 contestants will each be given their own forty-five minute rehearsal time with the Chad Matthews Band at The Red Dirt Girl Music Room, 140 Dunk River Road, Middleton, on either Sunday, June 19th or Sunday, July 3rd.


All finalists must use the house band and are not permitted to play an instrument during their performance. 


On the first evening of the competition, Tuesday, July 5th, each contestant will perform one of their two songs, backed by the Chad Matthews Band. At the end of the first evening of competition the ten finalists will be announced and will move on to perform in the finale on July 6th.


The competition will begin at 7 pm on both July 5th and 6th. Contestants must register to be assigned their performance number between 6 pm and 6:45 pm.


Sound and lights will be provided by Housefront Productions.


On the second evening of the competition, Wednesday, July 6th, the ten finalists will compete to be in the winning circle. Each contestant will perform their two songs, backed by the Chad Matthews Band. Finalists must arrive by 6 pm.


1st Place sponsored by Warren Ellis from Summerside Chrysler Dodge: $3,000.00 
2nd Place sponsored by Kool Breeze Farms: $1,000.00
3rd Place sponsored by Anderson's Automotive in Summerside: $500.00



Judges for the competition are Meaghan Blanchard, Cory Gallant, and Scott Parsons.